Voice actor for (FREE) hire!

2015-03-02 19:50:04 by FireSwordX

Fellow aspiring entrepenuers of entertainment media, hark!

I am searching for work; purely for experience and practice intent. I seek no payment, only the opportunity to help out other artists with my own talent and finally get to hear my efforts used in a finished product.

I've posted a few times before, never really generating any interest. Regardless of the doused flames of frivilous past endeavor; I will try try again until someone finally caves and gives me a shot.

My current voice demo is a little dated, but you can find the link here on Newgrounds very own Audio Portal.


If even a modest amount of interest gets sparked, I'll upload a new, updated reel. It will only be improved from this inital one; I've procured a higher quality microphone, added new voices to my repetuior, and can still crank out the ones captured in this prior recording just as well-- if not better!

So, at the very least, give me some constructive criticism, let me know if I'm on the right track.

I will bombard the hell out of this site until I find work, and until I do, consider yourself France, and consider me nazi Germany. Shells will fly.

MY FIRST VOICE REEL-- care to review it?

2013-11-02 21:26:04 by FireSwordX


I've been egged on by my acting teacher and my friends to do something with my voice, and I won't like I've been tempted by the idea of a career in VA-ing for a long, long time now. I guess I finally 'cracked'.

This is more a practice reel, seeing as how I've never put one together before and not sure what people generally put into something like it. Some point in the near future I'm going to submit a professional one at the Talent Unlimited agency for commercial use, so if you want to help me prepare for that day, send me some lines! I'd love to help out with any projects people may be working on.


Looking for VA Work

2012-11-11 00:01:14 by FireSwordX

I'm new to the game, I've been practicing my voices for years though. My mic isn't what you'd call studio quality... the 'ol Audacity 'Noise Removal' tool works well, though!

So, if you need some VAing done for your flash games/animations/etc. just hit me up, I'll be happy to help.

Obviously, nothing too high brow. As an entry-level actor, I'm looking for an entry-level project. Someone just starting in their own productions would be ideal.

M, 18, Medium pitch, but lots of variety.