Entry #3

Voice actor for (FREE) hire!

2015-03-02 19:50:04 by FireSwordX

Fellow aspiring entrepenuers of entertainment media, hark!

I am searching for work; purely for experience and practice intent. I seek no payment, only the opportunity to help out other artists with my own talent and finally get to hear my efforts used in a finished product.

I've posted a few times before, never really generating any interest. Regardless of the doused flames of frivilous past endeavor; I will try try again until someone finally caves and gives me a shot.

My current voice demo is a little dated, but you can find the link here on Newgrounds very own Audio Portal.


If even a modest amount of interest gets sparked, I'll upload a new, updated reel. It will only be improved from this inital one; I've procured a higher quality microphone, added new voices to my repetuior, and can still crank out the ones captured in this prior recording just as well-- if not better!

So, at the very least, give me some constructive criticism, let me know if I'm on the right track.

I will bombard the hell out of this site until I find work, and until I do, consider yourself France, and consider me nazi Germany. Shells will fly.


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